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-b ou nd tive c pl ac in e lo pme nd ev as imp ac rs en the co number egy at ad m in is tr egy at we o or y c m and a to d, re m pl et co ts t.In the early 1800s British colonel William Martin Leake while in the area described Chameria as stretching from the boundaries of Butrint and Delvinë until the Fanari and Paramythia areas consisting of two main sub-districts, Daghawi or Dai and Parakalamos.In the early 1880s, British diplomat Valentine Chirol who spent time in the area during the Eastern Crisis defined Chameria along linguistic lines in geographic terms where Albanian speakers were found during that time.They went to the house and chased two men away, but Puka was caught hiding in a bush and was linked by DNA to the burglary and another one the previous month.Puka, sentenced to nine months imprisonment for two counts of burglary at Isleworth Crown Court, has agreed to be "removed" from the UK upon his release.