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I had to let you know as I want to give people out there hope, keep looking and hold on, don’t settle and wait for your prince.You could hot glue fabric or "jewels" on the outside. If the jars are blue, plain colored rocks or sand would work.You could sprinkle some of the daisy heads around the base, or something like jewels or glitter in your colors.I like the idea of putting the "Bride and Groom" on the jar.Based in Headingley (Leeds), Best Kept Secret is a competent company offering party goods, promotional products and fancy dress to clients throughout Leeds.Established in 2001 the company has many years experience in the party and events market.I had been on other dating websites and had no success.

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Olivia's POV I walked into Niall's house completely shocked. "Go, go, go, go." I heard him say, pushing me towards the stairs. You could also apply these with "Hodge Podge" type stuff to gloss the photos over and have them stick smoothly to the glass.Another thought would be to put your pictures on a stick or florist pick and have them coming out of your bouquet.I was so nervous at first but once we talked it was like we had known each other for years!But what was to come was amazing - we are like two peas’ in a pod, my daughter says he is my long lost twin!