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Throw in an nknown monster, prior island occupants and other worldy inhabitants and you've got a dramatic TV show on your hands. Number of seasons: Nine What it's about: The series starts with two half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott who start out as rivals. What it's about: After the disappearance of their friend Alison, four girls are harassed by a mysterious person, going by the name of "A", who threatens to expose their deepest secrets. Working as part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, the team puts together a profile of the criminal in order to solve the crime. Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of the show. Number of seasons: Five What it's about: The show is a drama series about a highschool football team in Texas. The series is originally set on fictional continents at the end of a decade-long summer and follows a civil war among several houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. What it's about: House of Cards revolves around Democrat Frank Underwood who initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power in Washington D. The series deals with themes of ruthlessness, manipulation and power. Number of seasons: Seven What it's about: The show follows single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her teen daughter Rory, as they live their lives in the fictional town of Stars Hollow.

It progresses to follow the lives of the teens in Tree Hill, their heartbreaks, triumphs and trials as they navigate their way into adulthood. Using a fictional small town setting, it addresses many issues facing teen culture including family values and struggles, racism, drugs, lack of economic options and abortion. Number of seasons: 11 What it's about: An improvisational comedy show, the original series was hosted by Drew Carey. What it's about: The series revolves around Piper Chapman, a woman sentenced to 15 months in prison for transporting a suitcase full of drug money to her former girlfriend Alex. What it's about: Game of Thrones is an adaption of A Song of Ice and Fire, Geore R. The show covers their story from Lorelai as a pregnant teen runaway, the tempestuous relationship she has with her parents and her close bond with Rory, who holds a strong ambition to make it to an Ivy League college. Number of seasons: Nine What it's about: The mockumentary depicts the everyday lives of office employees and is an adaption of the BBC series of the same name.

Bocce - Set up your own version of this favorite Italian game. - When you have the right number of people at your party (8 or 12) this game is lots of fun and can be played for hours!

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And yes, the females wear lock necklaces while the men wear keys.You'll find on this page a nice long list of some of our favorite party games which have the teenager's "seal of approval! Around the World Grammar Game – Sort of like Madlibs teen party games, but with a twist of coming up with words that start with a certain letter (and you don't have to write anything down! Using the alphabet, come up with phrases that follow the pattern: Verb, noun, place. Keep going until you have only one person left, or until you get tired of it!The first person says “Ate Ants in Alaska”, the second person will have the letter “B” and could say something like “Buy Butterflies in Biloxi”, the next person does "C", and on and on! Birthday Party Games - Board Games - Select some board games that a group can play, such as Trivial Pursuit, Bingo, Twister, Cranium, Catch Phrase, etc.In all my years of dating men, if there’s one thing that’s stuck out like a sore thumb in a man, it’s his insecurity.At least in all the men I’ve dated, more than half of them were insecure. What’s more surprising is that I’m not the only one who’s had to deal with insecure men.