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From their breathtaking 2014 NOLA wedding to their most candid romantic moments, The Fergusons will forever be one of our favorite celebrity couples. It isn’t an easy task being Beyonce’s younger sister.Living very publicly and going through all of these intense phases when you feel like that is truly who you think you are, I think that’s a part of your 20s. I’m feeling for duality these days because I live in New Orleans, and when I’m there, my style is different than when I’m anywhere else. What’s funny is that he made them in two different fabrics—one a little bit structured, and the other more fluid—and I ended up wearing the backup dress; they were the exact same silhouette.

Thank u to my good sis @solangeknowles u know how we do! The singer sat down with to talk about her current fashion obsessions, the challenges of life as a working mom and artist, and why she loves to call New Orleans home. Then a friend of mine mentioned that I should meet Carin [the designer]. I’ve been with my current husband going on eight years, and it’s interesting to me how I’ve redefined sexy through my relationship, in terms of becoming the woman that I am now.I went and looked at her clothing online, and I was completely blown away. I have redefined sexy so many times in different eras of my life—I’ll be 30 this year! If I had to define sexy now, as Disney as it sounds, I would have to say it’s about complete and utter confidence.However, Solange Knowles seems to have successfully stepped out of Queen Bey’s shadow.The 30-year-old singer-songwriter recently released her new album, A Seat at the Table, and it is already receiving rave reviews from numerous celebrities.