Who is sean paul lockhart dating

) A post shared by JJ Knight (@jjknightxx) on “I asked him in February, in Sydney.

Brent was a bit hesitant at first, considering it’s my first long-term relationship, and he has been through a couple that haven’t ended so well.

But I Can Promise You That This Is No Ordinary Love!!

(He is the man of my dreams and I am proud to call him my fiancé!

The model and actor steamed up his net worth by appearing in gay pornographic films, Schoolboy Crush and Velvet Mafia. Growing up in Lewiston, Idaho Corrigan always had a massive interest in films and set sights his sights in becoming a director one day.

But from that first kiss on set, I just knew that this is the man of my dreams.”Some of Brent Corrigan’s past relationships were pretty troubled – first and foremost, of course, was his underage relationship with Brian Kocis who filmed his first porn scenes, but later on, some of Brent’s boyfriends ended up in business disputes with him, over the several different cycles of his personal porn websites.

But now, Brent and JJ are in love and happy together – and while a date for the wedding hasn’t been set yet, they’re “excited to see the future we can build together, in and out of the industry.” Congratulations!

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