Who is chelsea kane dating

I think the fact that he's trying to step up to the plate and raise this little girl is very attractive to Riley.

So, I'm sure that when I do become a mom, I'm going to be surprised with the extra work that I've got cut out for me. Chelsea: Haha, except we already have scene-stealing twins on our show!

I’m sure when I have one of my own, I’ll be like, ‘Wait, where’s the person to change the baby?

'” On the show, which premiered in June, Kane plays Riley, the next door neighbor and close friend of Ben’s (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) whom she’s been in love with since they were both little.

In addition to not being single long enough to take a full breath, he’s also allegedly dated co-stars in a row!

Chelsea Kane, Derek Theler, Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Melissa Peterman dish on the show's season 2 and their tight friendship! We have group text messages going all the time," says Chelsea. The cast of the ABC Family show gave us a quick behind-the-scenes look at the comedy's set and dished on how close they've become since season 1.

“I told [my friends] that we’re going on a beach vacation, because I’m never going to feel this good in a bikini again,” she said.

Derek Theler, who stars on ABC Family's hit show "Baby Daddy," will be holding a meet and greet in New York City today, October 29, 2014.

Chelsea Kane: I think if we were going to worry about teen pregnancy being glamorized, we should worry about shows like , it's nice that there's a light-heartedness to it, as most sitcoms are, and can poke fun at situations that happen to many of us in our lives. I think it's a really touching show showing all of us coming together and being a family by choice and relying on each other. They are the happiest little girls, and it's very rare they throw a tantrum or get frustrated.

Glamour: On a lighter note, for those fans that want to see you wind up with one of the guys, who would you like it to be? And even when they do, I get to hand them over to a mom. You would be such a big influence on that child's life, and it's a huge responsibility. Glamour: OK, we have to talk about the fact that__Tahj Mowry__, who plays Tucker on the show, got his start playing Teddy, Michelle Tanner's best friend on Glamour: Now all you need to do is get the Olsen twins to come on!