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From there you want to find someone to whom you are attracted and willing to engage with socially.

This is where the pool of prospects narrows to those you flirt with. You consume some heart shaped chocolates you purchased for yourself and indulge in dreaming of how to find the answers you need.

You’re trying to impress, getting a sense of who you are as a people, seeing what you have in common. You’re calling, you’re meeting, and you’re working to hopefully move forward together. You’re spending way too much money buying people drinks at the bar.

It can’t be fun for Phil Simms to hear America celebrating his job being given away to somebody else, even more than the country is debating whether that somebody else can even do the job.

If you really think about it, and think about it hard, for a long time, the search for love is a lot like the sales cycle. First you need to eliminate all the people who don’t fit your demographic profile, people who are already in relationships, not in your geographic area, not within your acceptable age range, etc.

That’s where you get your pool of prospects, much like leads in the sales cycle.

Follow signs into the Parking garage or go thru the underpass to get to the front of the MB Park.

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