Vba excel status bar not updating

The easiest approach to animating an Excel is to create a simple User Form with the use of a label control which width you can manipulate to show the current progress. Sub Example Progress Bar() Dim pb As Progress Bar Set pb = New Progress Bar pb. This gives you unlimited possibilities of how to make your Progress Bar more visually attractive and allows you to use Charts/Conditional formatting etc.

My example below calculates the expected time left to complete a given task based on historical progress (forecasting based on how much time to make certain progress).

Dave Oz Grid Business Applications A few comments...

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Do you want to hide the status bar in Microsoft Excel?You can use it to display the progress of a VBA procedure, or indicate that the procedure is complete.The code to put a message on the status bar is shown below.Pretty cool and useful in my opinion when dealing with long lasting VBA Macros.Below feel free to download a Workbook with the Excel Worksheet Progress Bar VBA: Now how does it work?