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The grade schooler says he's a big proponent of setting goals for himself, and doing everything he can to follow them.

He cites Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg as his hero. "And look at him now." The tween's friends were surprised their pal was able to accomplish so much during his few years in Canada.

Iran-Canadians with dual passports face a particular temptation to travel back and forth to Iran as “astronauts,” to handle investments and businesses that are often more rewarding than in Canada.

Like migrants from elsewhere, Ahmadian and others say, many Iranians struggle to embrace North American culture, civil laws and English.

One of them is " niki karimi" , persian actress and director.

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Azar says he's been an author ever since he was able to write his thoughts down.

After meeting a number of the 160,000 Canadians of Iranian heritage, however, it’s hard to reconcile the customary North American depiction of Iran as an extremist Islamic society of black-shrouded women and angry men who hate the West, with a country that Iranian-Canadians say is less repressive and more civilized than many recognize.“Everything has changed,” especially since the election of President Hassan Rouhani in 2013, says Alireza Ahmadian, an Iranian-Canadian specialist in international relations who is researching Metro Vancouver’s housing market for local and foreign developers, most of whom are Iranians.“The common North American picture of Iran as a country full of veiled women shouting ‘Death to America’ is irrelevant to 98 per cent of the Iranian population, especially young people,” says Ahmadian.

Meanwhile many in the West can’t fathom why Iran’s leaders continue to support the brutal president of war-torn Syria, Bashar Assad.

Bush inserted Iran into his notorious “Axis of Evil.” And fears that Iran was interested in building a nuclear arsenal have re-emerged as the country has been thrown into a showdown with Saudi Arabia.

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