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Cingular became wholly owned by AT&T in December 2006 as a result of AT&T's acquisition of Bell South.

In January 2007, Cingular confirmed it would re-brand itself under the AT&T name.

Although the legal corporate name change occurred immediately, for both regulatory and brand-awareness reasons both brands were used in the company's signage and advertising during a transition period.

Also, when you don’t feel like using the keyboard, you can handwrite your emails and text messages and have your words converted into text instantly.

The FCC formally granted the licenses for T-Mobile’s shiny new spectrum yesterday, which means the company can now get on with the building process.

Deploying new spectrum isn’t easy — it requires T-Mobile and telecoms companies to design and certify new transmitters, install them on towers, and pass FCC tests.

Each time I try, I reach a screen indicating that my Google Chrome browser is no longer supported and then instructing me to use the Google Play Store app to access Google Play.

However, I'm unable to download the Google Play Store app.