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A kérelmet a SKU LLC, Sual-Kremny-Ural, Kamensk, Ural Régió, Oroszország, valamint a ZAO KREMNY, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Régió, Oroszország (a továbbiakban: a kérelmező) oroszországi kapcsolódó exportőrök nyújtották be(2) SKU LLC, Sual-Kremny-Ural and ZAO KREMNY, cooperating exporting producers in Russia, belonging to the SUAL Holding Group, together with their related trader, ASMP Gmb H, in Switzerland (SKU LLC, Sual-Kremny-Ural; ZAO KREMNY and ASMP Gmb H are hereinafter jointly referred to as the company), offered an acceptable undertaking prior to the publication of the definitive findings but at a stage when it was administratively impossible to include its acceptance in the definitive Regulation.(2) Az oroszországi SUAL Holding Groupba tartozó SKU LLC, Sual-Kremny-Ural és ZAO KREMNY együttműködő exportáló termelők, valamint a kapcsolatban álló svéd kereskedő, az ASMP Gmb H (a SKU LLC, a Sual-Kremny-Ural, a ZAO KREMNY és az ASMP Gmb H együtt a továbbiakban: a vállalat) a végleges megállapítások közzétételét megelőzően elfogadható kötelezettségvállalást ajánlottak fel, azonban már egy olyan szakaszban, amikor a végleges rendeletbe a kötelezettségvállalás elfogadását adminisztratív okok miatt lehetetlen volt belevenni.Ezek a leletek például Mezopotámiából, Perzsiából, Egyiptomból, Anatóliából, É-Arábiából kerültek elő, és olyan távoli helyekről is, mint az É-on húzódó Urál hegység, valamint a K-re lévő Afganisztán és Kurdisztán.(10) The competent authorities of the Russian Federation informed the Commission on 6 June 2008 of the installation of E-GPWS equipment on the following aircraft of the air carrier Ural Airlines: Ilyushin IL-86 with registration marks RA-86078, RA-86093, RA-86114 and RA-86120.(10) Az Orosz Föderáció illetékes hatóságai 2008.An archaeological expedition led by the University of Chelyabinsk in 1987 discovered an ancient fortified settlement in the Southern Urals of Russia dating back to two or three thousands of years BC.The fortress, called Arkaim ( means Earth), is known as the Russian Stonehenge and is believed to be even older than Stonehenge itself.You can also have two single seats, if you mount the second seat on the rear fender.There’s a menu that potential owners can download, choose from, and send back to Ural.The outer diameter is about 160 meters and a moat of about two meters surrounds the outer wall.

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Get a receipt that matches the frame number at least.However, recently a 1986 piece of legislation came to light that defines what happens if there is no previous registration document! uksi/1986/1078/regulation/3/made (i) a vehicle which is being or has been used under a trade licence as defined in section 16 of the 1971 Act (otherwise than for the purposes of demonstration or testing or of being delivered from premises of the manufacturer by whom it was made or of a distributor of vehicles, or dealer in vehicles, to premises of a distributor of vehicles, dealer in vehicles or purchaser thereof or to premises of a person obtaining possession thereof under a hiring agreement or hire purchase agreement); (iii) a vehicle belonging, or which has belonged, to a visiting force or a headquarters or defence organisation to which in each case the Visiting Forces and International Headquarters (Application of Law) Order 1965 applies; The date of manufacture of the vehicle.Thus with no previous registration from another country then the date of manufacture shall be used as the date for application to other legislation, including the infamous C&U Reg 93!The company says, “Think of it as a bike that could have been produced by Ural in the 1970s if the engineers were allowed to fulfil their ambition for a performance two-wheeler.” The s T keeps the traditional Ural look, and like its sidecar cousins, it’s at home on a forest road as well as the Interstate.Interestingly, Ural will build each s T to order, using what it calls ‘Ural A La Carte’: “The starting point is the base model in flat black.