Updating phusion passenger updating ipod without syncing

RVM also works with Phusion Passenger 3.x, although later versions have much better RVM support.

Passenger-docker is a set of Docker images meant to serve as good bases for Ruby, Python, and Meteor web app images.

Phusion Passenger is an open source software designed to ensure easy and robust deployment of your Ruby, Python, and Meteor apps.

The mission of this Netherlands-based company is to make the best Unix server tools available.

RVM works best with latest version of Phusion Passenger.

To make your builds reproducible, make # sure you lock down to a specific version, not to `latest`!

# See https://github.com/phusion/passenger-docker/blob/master/for # a list of version numbers.

Additionally, you can have full control over your app by deploying it to any cloud provider or your own server (with our Registered Servers feature).

And if you decided to upgrade to Passenger Enterprise, you'll gain the following additional benefits: We've created a series of walkthroughs for different infrastructure scenarios, to make sure you can easily deploy and scale your Rails application.