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It is twice as fast from the previous versions, and more robust as compared to its predecessors.

A lot of our users have chimed in and asked us about having issues in upgrading their websites to the latest version of PHP.

The company is custom-manufacturing display shells for the production, with about 25 people working on the display. Traffic fluctuates from year to year, but it is best to wait until traffic slows prior to leaving.

The 2016 Jones Beach Fireworks Show is scheduled to run for 30 minutes, but the set-up takes four days. With 100,000 people leaving at one time, roadways will back up -- so expect delays.

Only bottom of the barrel games that you wouldn't want to play are available.

It's slow, unresponsive, and yet somehow manages to be hypersensitive.

Mortar racks consist of black pipe-like structures constructed from High Density Polyethylene tubing.

However, if you have made your constructor with __construct(), then it will be unaffected.

The aluminum foil in this photo is in place to prevent premature firing, and the plastic coverings are there to protect loaded and wired fireworks from weather. Normally it takes traffic more than an hour to clear from the park.

It should be no surprise that big crowds usually result in big clean-ups.

In previous Laravel releases, you could pass an array as the first parameter to the Binding classes into the container with leading slashes is no longer supported.

This feature required a significant amount of string formatting calls to be made within the container.