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Contents Trend Micro™ Office Scan™ protects enterprise networks from malware, network viruses, web-based threats, spyware, and mixed threat attacks.An integrated solution, Office Scan consists of a client program that resides at the endpoint and a server program that manages all clients.Legacy software compatibility) Trend Micro has a very effective vulnerability shielding (virtual patching) capability that can extend the life of these legacy operating systems.Helpful Links Need help upgrading your current version of Windows?Xen Desktop /quiet /noreboot /masterimage /Enable_HDX_PORTS /enable_framehawk_port /Enable_REAL_TIME_TRANSPORT /optimize /controllers "xdc01local xdc02local" /Exclude "Citrix Telemetry Service" Citrix Discussions Xenapp 7.9: Wait for local session manager: “I have a Xenapp 7.9 environment on Windows 2012 R2.When logging in through Citrix I got message “Wait for local session manager” for 20-30 seconds.

The server, through the web-based management console, makes it easy to set coordinated security policies and deploy updates to every client.

Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) provides Office Scan to all departments who require anti-virus software. Trend Micro Office Scan is available for UGA-owned computers only.: OSX requires a special uninstaller to remove Trend. Linux: Server Protect for Linux 3 is available from Trend Micro for UGA owned machines running a Linux operating system (e.g. Linux clients can be downloaded directly from Trend Micro.

When you install any of the Linux products, you will be prompted for three items, one of which is the activation key.

To download these minor patches, please visit: Consumer products For more information on Trend Micro consumer product compatibility with Windows 10, please visit: Window Systems – No Problem Trend Micro provides support for Windows versions as far back as Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but without hesitation customers are encouraged to upgrade to newest releases for the best possible security.

However, in situations where OS upgrades are impossible (e.g.