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Monthly meetings every second Tuesday at the Somerset Hotel, 7pm Contact: Julie Overall (Chairperson) [email protected] Mobile 0419 204 378 BSF's submission for Somerset into the Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns Award 2013 Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTS) is a community-based organisation throughout Tasmania trading goods and services, skills and time with one and another without the need for conventional money.THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKEDDate: Wednesday 16 August Time: pm to pm Location: Tasmanian Herbarium, 1 College Road, Sandy Bay For more information, visit the website Beaker Street @ TMAGAcross three late-night openings, Beaker Street @ TMAG will feature presentations, hands-on workshops, talks, films and competitions, as well as a range of food and beverages.Patrons should note this late night event is licensed and has been designed for a mature audience.All schools in Tasmania are required to have anti-bullying plans in place to deal with bullying and cyber-bullying.You can ask your school about their anti-bullying plan and see what the school is doing to stop bullying from happening.

The Friday session of FOBI is for pre-booked school groups, however all are welcome to the public session on Saturday.

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Bullying can happen anywhere like at school, in parks, on your way to school or in other places used by the school.

It can even happen in places away from school and outside of school hours, like in cyberspace, via SMS, Facebook or email. It is a crime if someone: You can make a complaint about this if you feel that you have been harassed at school because of this. It becomes cyber-bullying if they use their mobile or the internet to do any of these to you. You can visit our Lawstuff page on Cyber-bullying for more information.

Tasmanian adult chat room