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They can be towed by smaller, more economical cars and stored easily in most standard garages. Pictured above right, we put holes in the bottom of this Sea Hunter and then loaded it down with 650 pounds of lead. Also, lots of hardware stuff:https:// Everything goes over an encrypted TLS connection, so nobody other than the intended recipient can see what you're pasting.It should say "nobody other than the intended recipient and the developers of this website".Our deep cockpits and wide hulls give you a more comfortable, stable, “I am safe” feeling, allowing you to relax and become one with the environment and the sea, the way boating was intended to be. With an Arima, you can troll straight without holding the wheel, allowing you to concentrate on landing the big one. Since you do not need to back your trailer down to the deepest part of the launch ramp, launching your boat is painless, and you do not need to buy a new truck just because you bought one of our boats.