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I liked this concept in xmobar so much, that I almost ereased my fvwm app menus.

For this to work, I set environment variables in fvwm, using Fvwm Command, I then have function, that reads these env variables, cd to them, and execute commands. This excellent feature for developing in 4th screenshot you see dmenu as app launcher. Switching between xmonad and fvwm made me want to make both look and act same, so I started new repository called wmscripts.

I wrote function that formats string for xmobar stdinreader and pipes it to fifo. Works pretty well App execution path, is one of many things I got inspired from xmonad (XMonad. Workspace Dir module), Whit dmenu (3rd screenshot) I can select some directory, in which all apps will be executed.

As for xmonad, the choice was essentially based on the fact that it was implemented in Haskell, which gives me a chance to play with the source code.All these discrepant moon rock ages were published in a respectable scientific journal not a crackpot creationist magazine nearly 40 years ago.54 of the Revised Code do not affect the professional responsibility obligations and standards applicable to a lawyer or other licensed professional or the statutory obligation of a person to report abuse or neglect of a child or adult.I got a rolling distribution but I got a broken system every once in a while.So I rethought all these constraints and how to accomodate them better with a new distribution.