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As a rule these read lower than traditional inertial dynos due to not having extreme inbuilt correct factors.

When judging any upgrade for your A45/CLA45 then look at the percentage difference stock/tuned rather than the actual number.

Utilising Willall Racings extensive experience in tuning European performance platforms, particularly AMG/Mercedes, the Phase I system is designed to be a complete daily driven performance upgrade that installs quickly and easily, unlocking the A45/CLA Performance Potential all without sacrificing durability or driving quality.

In fact every aspect of the AMGs behaviour is enhanced with Phase I in place.

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WTC7, which was not even hit by an aircraft, completely collapsed at near free-fall speed into its footprint.

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Phase 1 is a complete additional engine management system that works in conjunction with the AMG ECU and plugs into the factory wiring loom in minutes with no cutting and soldering when using the Plug and Play version pictured here - Removes factory 270km/h speed limiter to allow unrestricted running - Adjusts fuel strategies to match Australian pump 98 and 100 octane fuel - Fuel strategies are also in place for Euro 98/99 RON and US 93 MON - Tailors the engine boost curve and response for optimal low end torque production - Maps engine ignition timing to give improved performance and response on high octane fuels - Reduction of torque limiters in first and second gear for improved acceleration - Alters throttle mapping to give superior driveability in traffic situations and eliminate 'dead spots' - Able to be quickly and completely removed 'without a trace' and be invisible to service centres Phase 1 is custom tuned and calibrated in Australia by the Willall Racing tuners, developed on their own in-house test cars, which are then thoroughly road and dyno tested to ensure optimal performance - Local support from Willall Racing technicians - Software able to be upgraded and altered locally by Willall Racing - Great number of parameters adjusted and tailored than any other system - Greater power and torque gains than with competitors products - Four vehicles run parallel testing of Phase 1 in different conditions - Conventional road testing is undertaken by one of the A45 test cars in daily driven conditions - Tarmac competition testing has been completed in a motorsport environment by another A45 test car - Drag strip performance is another discipline being tested by another A45 - Finally there is a dyno testing A45 used to make refinements for the other vehicles which are then uploaded - Phase 1 torque output peaks at 4000rpm and stays both stable and flat across the rev range - Phase 1 power gains are equally impressive with power output continuing all the way to redline - Real world performance reflects these strong stable power and torque curves Phase 1 provides exceptional gains on the dyno right across the engines rev range.

Note that Willall Racing dyno figures are derived using a load based (electric retarder) Mainline chassis dyno.