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and then they come over and they say, ‘I’m okay now.’ I’m at the stage of parenthood right now where I just need to stop entertaining them.The more you pay attention to that [kind of behavior], the worse it gets.” The mom of two also revealed that she’s not down with spanking her kids, either. Kirstie Alley on never spanking: "I have amazing children.“I grew up with spanks and it terrified me,” she explained. I wouldn't dream of solving ANY situation with them by 'swatting' or spanking them...I was POPPED a lot...doesn't work." Alley voiced her opinion on spanking on Twitter a few years ago, and needless to say, she isn't a fan of the way 4.Apparently she thinks that remark makes me a pervert.It was a joke, and I certainly didn’t intend to give the spanking myself.

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Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it's no different with children." From the sound of things, it's very egalitarian in the Pinkett-Smith household.5.My sister took it out anyway—and, of course, she lost it. I think I may have swatted her on the bottom for a serious electric-outlet or hot-radiator situation.She came home without it and ended up getting a spanking for disobeying. But she’s never been spanked in the traditional sense of the word. It was often a wait-until-your-father-gets-home situation where I had to wait in my room, frozen with fear, waiting to hear the door open.Now that my daughter, Emmy, is the same age my sister was at the time, I just can’t conceive of spanking her for losing . I can’t remember the infractions that earned me spankings. Then I’d hear my mother relay the crime to my dad, and up he would come to my room, take off his belt and spank me with it. Especially since I’m giving this essay to my mom for her to read. I just can’t think of anything I ever did that was heinous enough to be beaten with a belt by my dad. Even if it happened only a handful of times, I don’t know if it should have happened at all.