Signs you are dating a boy not a man

We all make mistakes in life, but sometimes those mistakes are reeeally, really big.

And sometimes they come in the shape of a boy, who regularly leaves you eyerolling so hard that you can see the inside of your skull.

As this point in life, between your own dating experiences and those of fictitious characters, you’ve probably learned that there are guys who just shouldn't be in relationships.

You know them — the ones don’t care enough to clean the leftover pizza off the floor when you come over.

Dating a man who behaves like a boy may ruin a relationship that was supposed to last a life time. This seven signs will definitely tell you whether you’re dating a man or boy that claim to be a man. Due to their insecurity they find it hard facing reality and this can often make them unable to commit to girlfriends.

However, if you are actually dating a real man, his will definitely appear well-planned, and if he is impulsive, it will be in a balanced and healthy way.

Yes, sometimes there are large faults and deal breakers (e.g., he’s an alcoholic) but other times, it’s as trivial an issue as his stubble gives you a skin rash when you kiss, so you can’t date him. That’s not a huge issue and one you two could easily work out. I’m staunchly sex-positive and all about exploring sexuality.

I’m not going to pretend like we have as many options as straight folks, but we still do have options. However, if you’re constantly sleeping with guys and then never seeing them again, that’s actually a defense mechanism you use to not get close to them.

Once you start dating someone, you should ask yourself important questions to determine whether he’s right for you.

SURE that sounds fun to begin with, but when it comes to relationships, they don’t exactly excel.

They don’t seem to quite get the idea that adult life has already started for them, and don’t particularly seem to want to take any notice of it. If you’re faced with a boyfriend who enjoys nights out, shrugging at life and absolutely never facing up to responsibility, check out these 10 tell-tale signs that you’re dating a manchild. A lack of ambition is a preeeetty big turn off in anybody, but a classic manchild will take this to the next level.

Men are committed to things like their health, the cleanliness of their apartment, and their hobbies. Your boy might casually suggest drinks sometime soon, but your man will tell you that he’s made reservations for tomorrow evening at that new Italian spot that got rave reviews.

They’re committed to paying their bills on time, ramping up their side business, and working on their fitness. There’s a huge difference between the plans men make with women, versus the non-plans boys haphazardly attempt to make with women. A man will be straightforward instead of beating around the bush.