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She said to ABC News: 'We just did not understand how somebody could walk into that house and get as far as they did without someone stopping them first, and to tell you the truth, to this very day that bothers me.

It really does.'After learning the Manson family was behind the bloodied scene, Debra still didn't think they were responsible.

Debra also revealed she initially didn't believe Manson and his followers were responsible for killing Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant at the time, because 'it just didn't make sense'.Leo passed away while Sharon was touring in 2008, and she believes long-term medication for Crohn's disease may have weakened his heart.After Leo's death, she spoke of finding love again in interviews, paying tribute to her partner Jimmy who she's believed to have started dating within two years of his brother's passing.For the hangout (or a date), Dakota Johnson decided to keep things casual by opting for a black jumpsuit, natural locks, and sunglasses, according to .She has talked about her love life in previous interviews, which showed just how sensitive she is when it comes to the matters of the heart.