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Just take a quick peek at the hotel’s virtual guest book, Love Series, to read the stories of couples in all stages of their relationship – just dating, first trip, just engaged, or married for 30 years – and how they have made special memories together in Sedona.We created our own memories that weekend, and L’Auberge was the perfect home base for a great weekend full of spa time, hiking in the red rocks, eating great food, drinking great wine, star gazing and of course, lots of romance.(Want to hear how the month of gal-pal shenanigans began?Check out my Girls Getaway weekend in Texas with T!)We’ve flown in to Phoenix and our first impression of Arizona is a 2 hour, star-soaked-sky drive into the mountains!The temperatures fall lower and lower as we inch upward toward the wonderful town that will be our weekend home.

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I had been in Sedona for less than an hour, and already I felt like a peripheral character in a 1950s B-movie.

My Girls Getaway pals don’t love my early-morning-stirrings, but they know I’ll get a great photo of our lovely view, so I don’t hear too much grumbling!

, we’re off to a place that honestly sounded too good to be true: Local Juicery. For me, these two don’t generally fit in the same sentence…

There are opportunities to meet other travelers with similar interests if you embark on activities like wine tasting, hot air balloon tours, kayaking, fly fishing, guided hiking and mountain biking, or photography tours.

And everyone can enjoy Sedona's famous annual events like the Sedona PRIDE Festival and its seasonal events, the Sedona Film Festival, the Sedona Arts Festival, the Raw Spirit Festival, the Sedona Marathon and more.