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Hyampom itself is about as remote a community as you'll find (or attempt to find) in the continental United States.

The volunteers — mostly from environmental groups, along with a couple of journalists — had come hundreds of miles, from Garberville, Arcata, Fresno and beyond, to help the U. Forest Service clean up a nearby marijuana grow site that had been busted and abandoned in August.

They climbed out of their cars and stood blinking and stretching in the brisk November sunshine. Forest Service, the state Department of Fish & Wildlife, scientists, more volunteers and reporters — and, off by themselves, a squadron of soldiers from the U. Army National Guard, who stood wide-legged and stone-faced in camouflage fatigues and utility vests, handguns holstered to their thighs.

This Father’s Day, the state and local Child Support Services agencies commend fathers who set a good example and support the well-being and stability of their children.

Fatherhood involvement benefits not just the children or the parent, but so...