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A therapist can facilitate lifestyle changes, serve as a listening ear, or help identify underlying causes of symptoms.

Mind fulfills the aspect of engagement needed to begin any active recovery program; clients need to be fully engaged and have the right mindset to participate and succeed.

We offer clients active engagement to put their body to work and to find the balance between awareness and physical connection.

Clients that find mind and body connections learn how their addiction affects the mind and body in addition to how they feel with a clearer mind and rejuvenated body.

In addition to the physical side of reawakening the body, we offer nutritional counseling complete with dietician designed meal plans to support body movement and filter toxins throughout the recovery process.

Spirit connection comes after we have conditioned the mind and body through mindfulness and physical fitness practices.

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When specific issues or mental health conditions begin to cause distress and interfere with a person’s normal activities, it may be time to seek therapy.

Distress can manifest in the form of problematic beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and sensations in the body.

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"Cypress Lakes Lodge incorporates a mind, body and spirit approach to recovery, crafting the balance of life enriching treatment, wellness, and healthy relationships that are sustainable.

Sex dating in colmesneil texas