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He’s Ryan Hogan, who at the time was a New York City firefighter.

As you’ll see tonight, Hogan was the one who exposed himself and masturbated in front of a web cam while chatting online with a decoy who said she was 14.

He even brought M&Ms for the girl he met in an online chat room earlier that evening, they said. 8 rendezvous in Kissimmee, a report states, Woodward had a momentary reservation."How do I know ur not a cop or something,'' the 29-year-old wrote.

"I could show up and the cops could be waiting for me.'' His premonition came true.

Florida's balmy temperatures are perfect for nude swimming or soaking up the sun in your birthday suit.

Unfortunately, finding a nude beach in Florida (with the exception of the one legally-sanctioned nude beach) means finding a secluded stretch of sand.

In tonight’s broadcast we’ll answer one of the most frequently asked questions: What happened to all of those guys?

The general rule for nude bathing in Florida is "Bare if you dare" - nudity is a crime on many Florida beaches, and the irregular enforcement of public indecency laws means taking your clothes off is a bit of a gamble.

Though a number of Florida beaches have earned reputations as skinny-dipping locations, many naturists have been fined and even arrested.

He also drove by our undercover house, but coincidently, as he did, he saw a police car parked nearby and never came in. Last year Hogan pleaded guilty to using the Internet to transmit obscene material to a person under 16. That so many men would show up in our first investigation was stunning, but in the second story it was who showed up that really surprised us.

Even so, what he did was enough to get him fired from the New York City Fire Department and prosecuted by the U. He faces up to 16 months in prison and must register as a sex offender. I once went an entire year purposefully not using the word “shocking” in my stories for Dateline because I thought the word was over-used.