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Dark meat has never been my choice cut but the caramel complexion on this Hawaii Pinay wets my appetite.

My only complaint is that I had to put her video on mute so that I didn’t have to hear the Asianman go on in his usual droning and word vomit about Hawaii blah blah blah.

But in the way plants and animals that are isolated evolve (or, if you’re a creationist, THE WAY GOD MADE EVERYTHING) their own peculiarities, so does the sex industry in the islands.

A quick note about women from Hawaii: the first thing that strikes tourists from the mainland and the newly relocated is how white people are in the minority.

A lot of people tend to think that bodyrubs, massage parlors, and prostitution are all one and the same. Body rubs are meant to provide you with relaxation and to alleviate built up stress.

You will leave a much happier man at the end without getting involved in prostitution.

Honestly is that a prerequisite for being an emo Asian girl?

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It’s like watching a stripper work the pole at Femme Nu and having your friend talk in your ear about the football game on TV; honestly dude pussy or pigskins and like Captain Planet said THE CHOICE IS YOOOOOUURRRSS!!!

(yea random sorry) Oh Kitty Pantera, when are you gonna do hardcore?!?!

Holy crap check out this fine looking hapa Japanese girl Lexi Lu.

She’s got a sexy emo/goth/alt girl style which makes sense because she’s all into vampires but doesn’t dig Twilight.