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Here's what i want to be happened, If the sum of the entered percentage values gets equal or more than 100 while user enters percentage values, it should give the user a relevant error message or warning.

I think i should put an equation to the Sub-question validation equation Logic field. Use the "Question validation equation" instead of the "Sub-question validation equation".

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The invalid polygons consist of an outer shell and holes which touch the shell at a single point.But we still don’t have an association between the individual JSON objects and the JSON Schema - let’s fix this next.protocol for now - we will come back to this in a future blog post.If you don't want to upgrade, you can just enter the full equation instead of using the self variable, in which case the "Question validation equation" would be: I got another question in the same survey. I wan't it to be like this T1NITj Nk RGNq Yz A/edit Not like this NG5nel VBRj I3Wl U/edit ( (Q2_A_J1 ! It's related to the survey file i'v attached in the first post of this topic. I want to prevent user from entering the same values again.