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Also hitting the battlefield are some generic Soldiers via People 4-7 Enjoy, stay safe ~ Well I managed to get two requests completed and my shop is now reopened.After that, katy-133 began posting updates with information and concept art of the fan game. The player controls Sock throughout the game, over the course of several days.Each day is divided into different settings (Bus stop, school, Jonathan's House, Hell, etc.), and has different events that the player has to make choices in (Sock will have options to annoy Jonathan, or to be nice to him).Porém, se você não tiver um mínimo de conhecimento sobre a indústria, tudo pode ficar muito confuso. Bem, permita que o wiki How seja seu mapa e bússola.Abaixo, discutíamos o que você terá de elaborar para criar um jogo completo.