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It’s lovely during sunset but the warm lights at night make the place even more intimate.

Make sure to sample their best-sellers like the Beef Salpicao and the Bistro Steak which comes with mashed potatoes, and creamy mushroom and peppercorn demi-glaze sauce.

Boracay is the perfect romantic destination in The Philippines for lively people.

The mix of nature, party and relaxing moments is a good match for modern couples.

The whole mismatched thing going on is like a visual treat to all diners.Their Frozen Brazo, the restaurant’s own version of the classic dessert Yes, it’s a place for a hearty breakfast but they’re open for dinner, too.There are different areas for diners to give a more private feel and each one has its own character so it’s always a new experience every time you visit.They also make their own bread from the restaurant's in-house patisserie, which also has an excellent selection of to-die-for desserts. Galileo Enoteca G/F Reyes Gym, No.80 Calbayog Street Corner Malinao Mandaluyong City. 532 0482 The setting: Part of the thrill of eating in this hole in the wall is its clandestine location, and feeling like you've just stumbled upon a secret restaurant in some obscure street in Mandaluyong.Perfect for: Steak lovers Be prepared to spend: Anywhere from P500 to P1,900 per person, depending on what you order" data-index="0" data-photo-credit=""9. Though it's not quite so secret anymore, Galileo Enoteca is still as charming as ever with quaint, brick walls and an intimate, cellar-type ambiance that you don't get just anywhere.

Romantic dating places in philippines