Remington typewriter serial number dating

Typewriters were quite expensive when new, sometimes exceeding the equivalent cost of a laptop computer today.

They are also very finely crafted and cool machines.

Incorporated in 1895, the company was founded by German immigrant Franz X.My fiance (Kathleen), purchased mine for , which is a heck of a deal considering the condition it was in. If it’s closed frame, the mechanical mechanisms are closed from view and covered by a sheet of metal.The "type writer" revolutionized business, art and correspondence, and despite (or because of) a century of changes, earlier writing machines are still avidly sought by collectors.By chance, I came across this page from ETCetera No 8, August 1989, which gives the location of numbers on early American typewriters.It came from Typewriter Topics of June 1912, almost 100 years ago, and was supplied by Ed Peters.