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CO1U Pro is even compatible with i Pads and i Phones (4S and later) using Apple's Lightning USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit (30-pin) for those seeking to achieve pro-level sound on-the-go.Available as a paid download, the Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software brings noise cancellation technology for enhanced Vo IP communication and computer recording to your C01U Pro.

The University of South Wales has several types of videoconference facilities, both studio-based and desktop, with the benefit that you can mix studio and desktop bookings, to include external conference participants.

A large, 19mm diaphragm captures all the nuances of your voice, making the C01U PRO ideal for hip-hop/rap artists, singer-songwriters and ADR (automated dialogue replacement) work with video editing suites.

In addition, the mic element is shock-mounted within a solid die-cast metal construction to minimize unwanted handling noise/vibrations on your recordings.

has a homepage which contains information and guides, especially to the studio equipment.

Ex: $ java -jar Webcam /home/karl/Videos/ -o UDP -autoplay -remote In Ubuntu you can install the latest WS build using the Webcam Studio PPA: " archive/webcamstudio-dailybuilds" From folder WS_libx64 (Shipped in this archive) Copy "" in /usr/lib64 (or your user libs folder ...) From folder WS_libx86 (Shipped in this archive) Copy "" in /usr/lib Open Terminal and type the following: $ su - Compile gnonlin from source 0.10.17 ...