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It was also occasionally used in reference to coal miners, who wore red bandannas to show work solidarity.Over time however, the term expanded in its definition, picking up derogatory notes and sounding pejorative.He has released albums by the names of Cheatham County and Heart of America.Redneck Nation has sponsored his RHEC clothing line.guns, chew, and liquor), Nick compiled a list of the top 10 places where a Texas redneck would most likely be found.Although the standard stereotype for such nomenclature is the uneducated southern person who hunts, fishes, likes dive bars and lives in a trailer park, in truth, the term “redneck” originally characterized farmers in the late 19 century – having a red neck as a result of a sunburn, after many hours working in the fields.

Cover-captioned “Awesome Regional Infotainment,” Nick’s channel appears to provide entertaining information about things like “Worst Places to Live,” “Happiest Cities,” and “Kinkiest Cities” (psst…that last video was done for Texas as well), done with some research and slight humor to keep viewers informed, and tuning in.

He has been profiled on ABC’s ; and he also got the attention of WBTV, which signed him in a development deal that resulted in the Fox comedy project.

You can watch a video of Trae/The Liberal Redneck taking on Trump back in June below the post.published last month by Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

You can always count on rednecks to take a nice day and just trash it on up.

It's bad when something is so trashy that you don't even notice the groom and groomsmen are all in jeans -- on their wedding day.