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2017 – Martin Alpert, 86, who worked in the Chicago fastener industry for 50 years, including with XL Screw Corp.

2004 – Gordon Arborak, 68, founder of Pacific Fasteners Inc. He and his wife, Evelyn Arborak, founded Pacific in 1972. He was a board member of the Western Association of Fastener Distributors from 1986 to 1989.

Don't fish with live or dead bait often but when i do this reel is great.

The Thunnus is a lighter, stronger version of the Baitrunner.

may use the Search feature to find specific companies or other details. near Milan in 1939 and it grew to an international fastener manufacturer with facilities throughout Western Europe and the U. He held bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering. His early IFI work included spearheading a program to help fastener manufacturers achieve OSHA compliance for noise level reductions.

2007 – John “Jack” Adair, 69, purchasing manager for H. 1995 – Carlo Agrati, 81, founder and president of Agrati Industrial Group in Veduggio, Italy. He became editor of in the early 1980s and returned to the IFI in 1987 as standards manager.

Fished with this reel 8 straight days on the saltwater and don't see any signs of corrosion anywhere on the reel (I did give it a freshwater wash down after every trip). Please do yourself a favor and skip other live liner reels and buy the shimano baitrunner. Used 30 lb braid and been catching barracuda, seabass, rock fish with it. I have been fishing the 800's for a year now for white marlin and sail fish. The Thunnus CI4 reels are lighter than the Baitrunners, since the frame and rotor on the Thunnus reels are made of CI4 material and the Baitrunner's frame is made of graphite. The 1200000 Thunnus does still have some Metal in the Frame. Plenty of power, smooth and if you into it-Looks sexy. Feels great on my St Croix 7.5 rod Been switching my reels from Baitcasters to Thunnus's. I have the older Baitcaster that have the metal frame verse the Composite that is used in the Thunnus.Routine repeat CT scanning at 12 to 18 hours or when even subtle signs of neurologic worsening occur is a strong recommendation.A multi-institutional, prospective trial using these guidelines would be a first step toward demonstrating improved outcomes in the anticoagulated patient population after head trauma.