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ESRB ratings limit how far developers can go with adult content, and making any significant progress in a virtual relationship usually requires dozens of hours of committed gameplay.On the other hand, what elevates video game sensuality above other mediums is its inherent interactivity, and not every gamer is in it for sexually explicit content anyway.We’ll briefly look at the types of Japanese games released, then also talk about some games released in English that either fit, or loosely fit, the genre.If you’re one of this column’s male readers (who are probably thinking “Finally!”), perhaps you’ll hear about a title or series that may interest you.

If you’ve ever been curious about the genre, this is your excuse to jump in. Bad ends, like the aforementioned assassination, exist to teach players how to engage with most dating sims.The truth is, there are a lot of video games out there that include NPC romance, but your enjoyment of each one will entirely depend on what you expect to get out of them.Let’s face it, video games aren’t a terribly efficient source for sexual gratification, if that’s what you’re looking for.Whenever people talk about RPG series they would like to see make a comeback, Suikoden is often among the titles named.This Konami turn-based series is known for its massive character rosters, underdog stories where a newly form army challenges and triumphs against an established, opposing force and overarching storylines and concepts.