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Second, ideological warfare does not always take place in news propaganda; instead, it can be fought in the domain of fun-packed entertainment.By the end of the class, Australian students, half expecting an hour of lecture on news censorship, control, and propaganda—all the things usually associated with China and its media—feel suitably entertained, if not enlightened.

The first episode of aired on Christmas Eve, and caused a storm of outrage on the internet that still continues.The female guests would decide whether to give the man a chance, and if a few of them are willing to, the man will then select a partner he likes.At the end, the male guest will either walk off alone, or hold hands with a female guest, meaning that they'll start dating in real life.” The chauvinistic comments and the patriarchal, misogynistic standards led Quartz News to publish a video titled: “A new hit Chinese TV show proves sexist ideas still persist there.”Yet Jin Xing has told the audience that she is proud of the show: “I told you, I don’t host average shows”, and presented it as in line with her harsh but fair attitude.(She once told the Huffington Post: “My words aren’t like massage oil — they’re like acupuncture needles, they go right to the nerve and twist it.”) What has happened to Jin Xing, once an icon of progressive attitudes around gender and sexuality?