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Im looking for a best friend/partner to explore new things and places.To build memories together and grow closer and stronger very accommodating and compromising...I only want to go out with intelligent, attractive women with big tits who'll laugh at my shit jokes and like to eat brunch or read the (broadsheet) paper before seeing an independent film or exhibition.

the jagged leaves; and piss-in-the-bed (the same in French, too: pissenlit) on account of its diuretic effects when eaten.

IN ENGLISH CANADA, le pissenlit is translated as a dandelion, save in the province of Newfoundland where it is known as a "pissabed".

Thus the name alone identifies the substantial diuretic properties of dandelion leaves and roots for Frenchmen and Newfoundlanders.

Im not into full blown clubbing but ill ...29, male, Birmingham, Warwickshire I don't know what to write here but I'll complete it later Drop me a message and we can take it from there It's not a problem.

BOTH NAMES for this plant are descriptive of its properties.