Openoffice screenupdating

Just noticed that I had my Lcases in the wrong place.

openoffice screenupdating-4

Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub (1) I suggest it is best to store calculation mode at the start and restore at the end (ie if user has Manual or Semi Automatic this apporach will change it).una buona giornata a tutti, volevo sapere (ricordo che si poteva ma non come si faceva) che routine usare per far si che cliccando su un pulsante associato ad una macro non si "vedano" (in excel o word) tutte le operazioni che la stessa macro compie. Sub Fill In Blank Cells In Columns() 'Go down and when you find an empty cell, put the value from the previous cell in there. However, if there are multiple empty rows that need to be filled it is better to do the following: (assume cell whose value you want to duplicate in all subsequent empty cells begins at A2, you are willing to set the first two cells in the following column manually, column I: I is first empty column in your table) Step One: In cells I2 and I3 ensure the proper vales are present for the associated rows.By Name("表1")Cell By Position(Col, Row) Left = o Cell Range. Ellipse Shape") '曲線の場合 'o Draw = This Component.create Instance("star.drawing.