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It is also unknown what kind of camera was placed in the toilet but the item is currently being examined by police.It's understood the item was intact and detectives are hoping to glean valuable evidence to help them track down the culprit.Even Vivid is getting in on the action offering a whopping 10 Million signing bonus to create a tape longer than 22 minutes.Again, as usual TMZ who is known to constantly help Steve Hirsch stay in the news for sex tape news and offers broke the story that was quickly picked up by all the other main stream media outlets. Things go from bad to worse for celebrity Rose Mc Gowan, as new hardcore sex tape video footage has been confirmed to have leaked this week.

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When the cursor is over a graph, you will be shown a preview.

When the graph is clicked, the video will start playing beginning at the indicated point in time.

And a third camera was also discovered in Costa in King Street in May, but details have only just been released by police.

Scroll down for video The Waterstone's camera was discovered during the store's busiest trading period but it is unclear how long it had been there for, or how many people may have been secretly recorded.