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Although the article named “I Am Fan Yusu” (我是范雨素) is currently the best-read article in China, the 44-year-old author, who has become China’s literary sensation overnight, just hopes she can live her life in peace.) tells about the life and family of the 44-year-old Fan from a village in Xiangyang (Hubei) who has moved to Beijing where she does housework.

In her spare time, Fan, who quit school at the age of 12, loves to read and write.

I have not come out to my parents, but my mother knows about me. When my ex-girlfriend Xiniu and I started living together, I told my mother that we were friends. My mother suggested to me that I should be more careful about the friends I make. So she told me not to ignore my studies and left me alone about all other things. But since I've entered the lala (lesbian) community in Beijing, I've gotten to know a lot of people, both online and in the bars.

Because we were so much alike, my mother assumed that nothing was happening between us. In the winter she would say, "It's so cold, it's better if you two sleep together in the same bed." And then I'd smile and say, "Yeah ma, I know." [laughing] Later, when I broke up with Xiniu, I went a little crazy. But then later I met this girl in the picture [points to the photo of a long-haired girl next to her bed]. I used to go the first lesbian bar in Beijing there all the time.

It's very comfortable to chat with people online, but when you meet them in person a lot of times you just want to leave and go home. I'd go stay over at their home, and her mother would bring me an extra blanket to sleep with.

The things they say to me are different from the things they'd say over the Net. But I have met two girlfriends though the Internet. It's not right." But there was nothing my mother could do. I used to get really depressed when I'd think about my family and my future.

I didn't know there was such thing as a lesbian until I got older.

I first heard about them by watching television and reading. I suddenly found out, damn, there are chat rooms full of people like me!

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