Ohio state university policy dating students

It may also be helpful to think about steps that can be taken to keep information away from a stalker or intimate partner (e.g.keeping things with a friend or getting mail at a different address).

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Holly Mason Director of Student Life Administrative Hearing Officer Justin Khol Coordinator for Student Involvement Administrative Hearing Officer Tiffany Spaulding Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Life The Office of Judicial Services is responsible for acting on behalf of the College/University in matters of student discipline.

Detailed information related to the judicial processes for both The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College can be found at their respective Code of Student Conduct links located on this page.

The Office of Judicial Services has twin goals: to help create a safe environment where academic life can flourish; and to promote the development of students.

Judicial processes protect the rights of students as well as the programs, property and persons on the Newark campus.

The judicial affairs process educates students about rights and responsibilities and provides students with information concerning conduct issues, judicial policies and non-academic discipline procedures.