Norton antivirus not updating help sa pagdating ng panginoon

SOLUTION Antivirus "definition files" -- also known as "deffiles," "strings," or "signature files" -- allow antivirus software to spot the telltale signatures of known viruses.These files must be kept up to date to provide protection against newly discovered viruses.Some software are very important so you have to install them.

Everyone has, or should have some type of antivirus software installed on their computer.Norton Antivirus is a good antivirus for many, but sometimes even Rolls Royce needs servicing, and same goes for Norton Antivirus too, Norton keeps on releasing updates of the Antivirus, and we need to update them on our PC to keep our PC protected via the latest virus.Norton usually updates its software and database of virus regularly.The software and updates are "managed" by CCIT servers dedicated to the task.For home installations (or installations on school-owned laptops, which may travel off campus and outside the range of our servers), the software is often installed "unmanaged." This means that the user should manually update the antivirus software on a regular basis (daily would be ideal, but a weekly update provides a good balance between convenience and security).