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Today in this article, we are going to share a very simple solution to get rid of this irritating end of support for Windows XP and Vista pop-up notification in Google Chrome.After following this tutorial, you'll be able to disable this "no support for Windows XP and Vista" infobar message in Chrome.Google will not release any new update for Chrome web browser for Windows XP and Vista users, so its a wise idea to upgrade to newer Windows versions to be able to use the latest and updated versions of Google Chrome web browser.But there might be some cases when a user can't upgrade the OS, then this nagging pop-up message might become very annoying every time the user launches Google Chrome web browser.The company’s developer downloads webpage lists all of the devices that are in line for the upcoming i OS 10.3.2 update, which is currently in beta.Missing from the list are the i Phone 5, i Phone 5C and fourth-generation i Pad.Nonetheless sometimes you may buy an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch on the used market and discover that someone has made and used so many different Apple ID or i Cloud accounts on the device that an error message shows up when going through the device setup, saying that the device is “no longer eligible” to make an account.

Admin edit: 0 bounty (or more eventually) on helping get this issue fixed - see https:// - yes having to edit this in manually rather than rely on the Git Hub integration itself may count as irony? Hi there, We had this all working for some time about a year ago on and LTE, but around 10 months ago (I think) it stopped working.

If your computer doesn't let you complete these steps, contact the person who has administrator rights to your computer to complete the Chrome update.

Check the settings for your antivirus, firewall, or parental control software.

If the problem persists, it would be great to see the item and sitemap configuration as I cannot reproduce mentioned problems on a demo sitemap. If the problems exist on this, they are definitely still there and you should report bugs with example sitemaps at

Apple could be about to drop support for older models of the i Phone.