Mysql updating multiple rows

If an update on a row would result in a violation of a primary key or unique index, the update on that row is not performed. If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!In the case where the application server and database server are on different hosts, the round-trip will involve network latency as well.The dominant factor in the time taken to complete the overall operation tends to be the “admin” work in conveying the application’s intention to the database server rather than the actual updates to the database.

While implementing multiple rows update or delete, we need to follow some steps.

This article deals with selecting multiple rows for applying update/delete operations.

For selecting multiple rows, we are going to use checkbox input for submitting selected rows reference.

We are well expertise with PHP CRUD operations by accessing My SQL via PHP logic.

Yet, we have seen about how to update and delete table rows one at a time.