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I happened to get a random phone call out of the blue on a Wednesday afternoon—I will never forget it—from the production company, and they had the director of development from Bravo on the phone and said, “Here’s what we want to do.” I couldn’t believe that a network found me interesting enough to carry a show.

She is to go under-cover and look for her 'magic man' (one for whom she has a lengthy checklist of desirable attributes, as opposed to her friend Joanne's checklist which consists of: 1 cute).With a fraudulent résumé, Lane bluffs, bumbles, and sabotages her way into getting an administrative assistant position in the Corporate Strategic Planning department of a major investment firm.She is to work for Tom Rinehart (Michael Mc Millian), Managing Director, who is a bit of a quirky 'stick in the mud' when it comes to personal 'risk-taking'.[Laughs.] There are days that it’s weird, but I try not to get wrapped up in it.Trust me, for every 10 people that love you, there’s one person that really, really hates you.