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Your membership is valid for five years from the time that you get involved with the organization.

Scott Walker (R) expressed openness to the idea of eliminating an Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) mandate that required insurers to cover patients with pre-existing conditions."That's something we certainly would consider," Walker said at a press conference.

For instance: caseid MAdate poisdate 3.880e 11 01oct2015 16may2013 9.022e 11 01oct2015 09nov2015 I want to create a dummy for if poisdate occurred after MAdate.

So for caseid 3.880e 11, dummy=0, for caseid 9.022e 11 dummy==1.

RCGM fosters the promotion of self-esteem, skill-building and critical thinking skills for girls and gender non-confirming youth through collaborative music composition and performance.

We supplement the music component of RCGM with workshops based on feminist and anti-oppression frameworks that provide campers with a space for critical examination and empowerment.