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Artists and designers then and now could likewise sketch and learn from them.The painted surfaces of these reproductions often mirror the original stone or bronze, and the casts seem convincingly monumental.

Titular of four research fellowships c/o Department of Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics of the University “La Sapienza” since June 2004 on the following subjects: Aug 2009 – Jul 2010 Multiphysics numerical procedures for aerospace applications Aug 2008 – Jul 2009 Delaminations of space structures in composite material Jul 2006 – Jun 2008 Structural active systems for space applications in the presence of multi-physics coupling phenomena Jun 2004 – May 2006 Innovative thermal protection systems for re-entry vehicles or reusable launchers Main research projects, period and sponsor: Multi-physics analysis of a re-entry vehicle (Nov 2001 • May 2003, CIRA), Inflatable structures for space (Jun 2003 • Oct 2003, ESA/ESTEC), Active thermal protection systems (Dec 2003 • Feb 2006, ESA/ESTEC), Characterization of propellant grain of VEGA (Jun 2004 • Nov 2004, AVIO), Electro-active polymers (Nov 2004 • Mar 2008, ESA/ESTEC), Structural analysis of Z9 third stage Vega launcher (Jul 2005 • Feb 2006, ESA/ESRIN), Alphasat Ka-Band Filter and Diplexer (Jun 2008 • Jul 2008, Space Engineering), VSAT Ku-Band Mobile Stabilized Antenna System for high-speed trains (Jul 2008 • Sep 2008, Space Engineering), Analysis of delaminations on the skirts Vega launcher (Jan 2008 • Sep 2009, ESA/ESRIN), Termostructural analysis of flexible bearing for solid motors thrust vector control system (Jan 2011 • Jun 2010, AVIO), High thermal conductivity structural panels for small satellites (Mar 2014 • Mar 2015, Thales Alenia Space)Recent publications J. The Travertine marble en-suite bathrooms include quality Italian marble features, a bath or shower, hairdryer and beauty products.Many of our rooms have recently been redecorated in a contemporary style and now boast 37”/40” flat screen LCD satellite TVs and wood flooring.In 1571, Marino's people welcomed Marcantonio Colonna, a protagonist of the Battle of Lepanto, with a triumph, remembered yearly by a festival. On 14 March 1880 the railway Rome-Ciampino-Marino was opened for service.'I didn't realise until after her death she was such an icon,' he said.