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On bad days, it can take three or four expeditions under a harsh sun.

So more wives mean a more equitable division of labour. Researchers began calling this the ‘water-wives’ phenomenon.

Elsewhere in arid Vidarbha and Marathwada, multiple crop failures have caused wives to take the lead.

They are facing up to taboos, braving stares and sniggers as they begin to work outside the home for the first time, selling bangles door to door to keep their children in school or trading in livestock so they can buy medicine.

These sexy girls talk all Indian languages; Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati and also English.

A short time full service given by a basic (cheap) "not-too-good-looking" street walker can cost in some places only from 100 INR to 200 INR.Forced to release Jason from police custody, the Fairburns take matters into their own hands in an attempt to coerce a confession.All the while, Joe and Chrissie’s father Lenny Fairburn (Brian Cox), the former chief of police, remains in the car, a quiet spectator to the fatal tragedy that begins to tear his sons apart.Areas frequented by foreigners are less vulnerable due to a generally adequate police presence.Violent crimes do occur but are generally isolated in more high-density areas (slums, crowded apartment blocks).