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Also, why are you talking to your Bible study teacher about period sex?Even if The Red Wedding is only something you talk about with your BFF after two bottles of wine, there is no reason you couldn't begin to incorporate it into your life to make your period a little more bearable. If that’s not reason enough to convince your BF to dip his toes into the red tide, there are a bunch of other reasons you can bring up.That's when a distance arises in the day-to-day relationship."For example, if you want sex less often than your partner but you don't talk about it, your partner may worry that you don't love them any more or are having an affair.If you talk about it – perhaps you're feeling stressed about work, or you're coming to terms with changes to your body as you get older – then your partner will know the truth and both of you can work on managing the problem. Denise agrees that many people find it hard to talk openly about sex, especially if they've never spoken about it with their partner. If you're concerned about your sex life, don't discuss it when you've just tried to make love and it hasn't worked.

Being cramped, smelly, and bloated is no way for any woman to live her life. Being hornier than usual due to period-related hormones but not being able to do anything about it because bae has a pathological fear of washing his sheets. The moment we take our clothes off in front of someone, we place our mind and body in an extreme position of vulnerability.We want to impress our sexual partner, yet many of us struggle to verbalise what we actually want from the sexual experience.Unfortunately, here are a shitload bunch of taboos surrounding your monthly shark week that stand in the way of you and having sex whenever you please (thanks patriarchy! Obviously, respect his boundaries and don’t go making anyone do stuff they aren’t comfortable with—you’re a betch, not a sociopath—but if you aren’t sure how to bring it up, here’s how to approach period sex with your BF.) and people who haven’t tried it usually assume period sex is either out of the question or super gross. But like, all sex is kind of messy if you're doing it right. Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than talking to someone who’s clearly nervous?