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My question is how can i automate the ticket request every 5 days? Everything went fine until step 14, starting all the services.In fact there are more like 10 different ways to do it all using a mix and match of different technologies. PBIS, while having a free version, was still proprietary. My Setup: Windows Domain Controller (2012R2) w/ DNS: Domain: loc.Computer Name: DC01IP Address: (static) DNS Server: Domain Admin Account Name: Administrator Second Domain Admin Account: jdoe Security Group: linuxadmins – jdoe belongs to this group Domain User Account: nbeam Security Group: linuxusers – nbeam belongs to this account As side note about the internal domain name I am using…Today we will be using a suite of tools called SSSD. Furthermore we will be using Realm D, which is a “wrapper” of sorts for SSSD that makes it easier to setup and configure. read this: How To Choose A Sensible Local Domain Name – There are really good reasons not to use a “fake” TLD or to use what are honestly often traditional Microsoft conventions like .local – I ran into a world of headache with Ubuntu using a .local TLD when I tried to do this the first time through!which has a default maximum message size 65535 bytes.In addition, there are limits on individual fields within a protocol message that is sent by the Kerberos service.

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Please check that the ticket for 'hue/hadoop-pg-1.cluster' is still renewable: $ kinit -f -c /tmp/hue_krb5_ccache If the 'renew until' date is the same as the 'valid starting' date, the ticket cannot be renewed.Cause: The message size that was being sent by a Kerberized application was too long.This error could be generated if the transport protocol is UDP.Furthermore, it has since been my experience that PBIS is an unreliable solution at best.Part of the confusion I have had on this issue in the last two years has been in thinking that there are only one or maybe two ways to make an Ubuntu Desktop/Server OS connect to a Microsoft Active Directory domain and they both used the same underlying stuff.