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An appearance from Harlem rapper Cam’ron in a trailer for the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop” has led to him clarifying his role on the VH1 reality show. I did a scene for Juju cause she’s on the show.” Cam also suggested that there could be bigger issues surrounding his appearance in the trailer, given that “the paperwork isn’t done.” “I should not be in anybody’s commercials,” the rapper said. Obviously these people haven’t done business with me before, so they don’t know how I get down.

The Dipsetter set the record straight in a video uploaded to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday (November 15). I am not a cast member on ‘Love & Hip Hop,'” Cam’ron said, . But tomorrow we’ll take care of it.” In the newly released trailer for the seventh season of “Love & Hip Hop,” which premieres on November 21, Cam’ron can be seen in scenes with both Juelz Santana and his own girlfriend, Juju.

In retrospect, it was a prelude to one of hip-hop’s most anticipated follow-up projects of the mid-aughts.

Tracks from to be the landmark album that it became, so Dame Dash groomed Cam’ron to carry Roc-A-Fella as the label’s star.

In 2014, Cam’ron remains an iconic figure years after his popularity as an artist waned.

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My song ‘Welcome To New York City’ featuring Jay Z …

Cam'ron just dropped a video for "We Made It (Freestyle)", and it's full of behind-the-scenes footage from his collaboration with Mark Mc Nairy (cape fitting what up?

Though Cam brought Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zekey into the spotlight, there’s really no sharing the spotlight with Cam.

He steals the show on nearly every song he appeared on, including the classics “I Really Mean It” and “Dipset Anthem.” Bars like “Bird flip a dozen/chicks, it’s dicks they suckin’/Swallow my kids, go and kiss they cousin/Yes, they kissin’ cousins/Toya’s kissin’ muffin/Worse than that, they go home and kiss they husband/The shit’s disgusting” show off an aptitude for stumbling down a rhyme scheme rabbit hole, as well as the vulgar egotism of a crass artist approaching his prime.